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Berber’s Gold*
~ Made from Real Heirloom Cacao, grown on 30-80 year old trees out in the wild jungles of Ecuador, watered by spring water from the mountains. Cacao is processed to ensure it’s stays Raw, and is free of mold and micro toxins (which most other cacao isn’t).
~ Infused with 45 various Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Moroccan Tonic Herbs and Spices.
~ All nut butter fillings are homemade from Organic sprouted nuts, sun roasted, and stone ground.
~ Sweetened by very pure sun dried sugar cane crystals, grown on volcanic soil (fully mineralized), pure real sugar cane.
~ Made from 95% Organic ingredients ~
~ Dairy Free- Gluten Free- Vegan -Soy Free ~

Real Raw Cacao has numerous benefits, nutrients, and micro- nutrients. It is trully the food of the gods!

I have been a raw foodist for several years. Studied and taught meditation and hypnosis modalities in California. Practiced healing, massage therapy, hypnosis, and currently also NLP and TimeLine Therapy. Nissim has a passion for accurate, effective, clean, and high grade foods and supplements. He has now combined all his knowledge and intention into creating these tasty and healthy chocolates, which unlike normal chocolates, a person only needs to eat one or two for a complete chocolate satisfaction.

* The name Berber’s Gold comes from my dad who is Berber (native of Morocco). Berbers are known for mixing ingredients to create alchemic formulations, medicines, and herbal concoctions.
I never studied chocolate making in any school, and have figured out intricate blending techniques that are taught in schools. Hence I named it after my lineage/DNA/Bloodline of Berbers.

Our Bestseller

Hand made Earrings
Hand made Earrings

Hand made Earrings

$88.00 $69.00
Hand Made Berber Earrings
Hand Made Berber Earrings
Raw Organic Heirloom Cacao Nibs
Real Raw Organic Heirloom Cacao Paste
Real raw Sun-dried Cane Sugar Crystals
Half a box of chocolates: Berber's Gold

Raw Chocolate made by us contains: Organic Heirloom cacao paste, Organic Heirloom Cacao butter and Organic Heirloom beans, organic coconut sugar, Organic vanilla bean, hawaiian sea salt, lucuma, coconut flakes, 35 various Chinese, Indian, and Moroccan Tonic Herbs, Ormus, and volcanic ionic minerals. Hand made with Love, Care, and Precision.

What is Cacao?

Cacao, also known as “cacao pod”, is the fruit of the cacao tree, a small and handsome evergreen tree growing in South America and the West Indies which grows 12 to 25 feet high (less than 25 feet if being cultivated). In 1753 it was named Theobroma meaning “food of the gods” by Carl von Linnaeus, the 18th-century Swedish scientist who developed the plant and animal Latin categorization system.

Cacao Facts

  • The cacao tree bears its leaves, flowers and fruit (cacao pods) all the year round.
  • The cacao pods are usually egg or melon-shaped, measuring 5 to 12 inches long and 3 to 5 inches wide.
  • The pods start off as golden-red to purple in colour, turning brown at maturity.
  • The beans rattle inside the pod when shaken also showing that the fruit is ripe.
  • Each pod generally produces 20 to 40 almond-shaped cacao beans. They are about 1 inch long, reddish-brown on the outside, dark-brown on the inside, and imbedded in a whitish, sweetish, buttery pulp. Rather interestingly, if they are separated from the pod they soon become infertile, but if kept inside they retain their fertility for a long time.

For nutritional and health facts of Cacao, click HERE

** Sweetened with Real Raw Organic, Ultra Mineralized Sun-Dried Sugar Cane Crystals